Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ABC Wednesday Round 3 - M is for...!

With this week's letter being M, I should maybe, have saved my Sunday post "Fungi Festival" for today & called it Mushroom Market!
Hindsight is a marvelous thing.
S0, my M instead, is for Murals!
A suburb of Dreamingspires, tired of ugly graffiti, in a means to minimise it & attempt to bright it's miserable underpass walkway under, it's busy high street, had a series of murals painted.
They colourfully & imaginatively mimic the local shops...
Plus, show the JR Hospital's, Casualty/ Accident & Emergency unit...
My doggy M, this week is not for 'mutts' or mongrels.
I have multiple, well two, marvelous Miss Molly's!
My Airedale 'niece' Molly, who I'll be seeing to-morrow...
And, Jackson's Irish Terrier girlfriend Molly, who I hope to meet @ the end of the month...
ABC Wednesday's manageress is Denise.
Many more M maybe seen via the blog HERE!

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