Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fungi Festival!

It's been another glorious 'Blue Sky' Autumn day; not something, so, I wondered out to enjoy it.
I had, been invited to 'lunch-time drinks', but declined.

Anyway, my walk, as usual eventually brought me into town; where I discovered there was a Mushroom Market on!
Italian chef & restaurateur Carlo Carluccio, the other year opened a branch of 'Carluccio's', his cafe chain, in Dreamingspires Castle complex.
He was sponsoring the foody event, to advertise his books & food...The market was also, on yesterday, when I missed an hour long cookery demonstration by the man him-self, which was a real shame.
Today, besides every type of mushroom imaginable available...There were lots of anti-pasta, Italian meats & Parmesan for sale...I succumbed to some tasty olives & Parma ham.
And, also sampled 'Risotto ai funghi', made with fresh wild Ceps; new to me, but the said 'King' of the Italian mushroom world. It was delicious but very rich!

I really fancy dinning in Carluccio's Cafe'/ Restaurant, so I peaked in.
The entrance takes you into a deli, which stocks a range of upmarket Italian foods including freshly-baked cakes, cheeses & cooked meats.
It's a bit like his market stalls today; ie with lots of dried goods, books & untensils too - a tempting mix.
As for the menu - a range of Italian delights but no pizzas.
On afternoon's like this, I wish Little Buddy was around!
We'd wine & dine & be so happy there together!
Because some of our happiest moments were in Italy!

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