Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday's memes - Reflections!

Once again, I'm centring all my photo's around a single theme!
I love reflections & trying to capture them on camera.
And, as I'm a 'window shopper', rather than an actual shopper, I often notice more than just the goods for sale in the window.
Last Friday was a such a day.

My Odd Shot, is this...
These rather unusual Cat models, dressed to kill, caught my attention immediately. As I couldn't decide which pair amused me the most, I'm showing both...
They certainly struck me as an oddity, with a bonus reflection.
Odd Shots is hosted by Katney @ her Kaboodle!

So, to my Monochrome Monday entry!
Just a few shops down, I captured this...
It looks far better transposed to B&W, than it is original form.
This meme is the photochild of Aileni.
Thanks to him, I'm experimenting more, with my current photo's.
More Monochrome maniac's can be found HERE!

Finally, for Today's Flowers, to bring the reflections theme to a close, I'm reshowing a photograph taken this Summer.
I have no idea of the flowers/plants name or rather didn't.
It's a tropical creeper; a small cutting was 'stolen' by my late Mother, when on a garden visit, x number of years ago!
She nurtured it, & even under my very non-green, uncaring fingers, it still produces multiple waxy flower heads.
Each are made up of clusters, of small individual, exotically fragrant star like florets, that produce nectar, which forms in large sticky droplets.
Here my kitchen garden window is reflected in one...Today's Flowers was created by Luiz Santilli Jnr & now managed by him & Denise B Castro HERE!
Per a helpful 'Comment' from my friends Maggie & Mitch, I now have the flowers name; it's Hoya carnosa [Wax-plant].
Thanks guys, your are brilliant!

Looking through the glass
Reflections of the past
What do I dare to see
Staring back at me.
Reflections bounce off window panes
Images of what was gained
Reflections of the past
Memories broken and lost
Reflections of the present
Haunting memories not so distant
Reflections through the tears
Through the looking glass all the fears
From the shadow and from the light
All these reflections sudddenly take flight.
Lorie Robertson

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