Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wheelie Wednesday - Judy, say Hi!

Anyone out there???
It's me, Judy!
Mummy Blue says, I should say "Hallo!"
Go away!
Not you folks, it's him...
I said 'Go away, Bailey' - it's MY turn.
I'm not staying blogging too long.
But, Mummy said, it was my TURN this Wedesday.
Bailey - behave!
As you know, my 'wheelie' start wasn't good.
Just look @ me in my travel, box...
And, I've been 'wheelie' wobblie with my poor paw.
But, I'm getting 'wheelie' stronger day by day!
Big 'brother' is okay - big pain really.
I said... Go away Bailey!
He & his best buddy Skipper, I'm going to have to watch...He's particularly, upset with me right now, because I can go where he can't. Hee Hee Hee!
Mummy's off visiting friends & I get to fit in her suit case!
Sooo, I'm all set to meet the 'Taffster'...
And, 'Marvalous Miss Molly'!
We were going tomorrow but...
After Mummy came back all upset, after her blood tests & thingys @ the Doctors; we're now heading out on Friday!
Boy, is Bailey gleeful about the delay.
Mean doggy, I say!
Ooow, stop nibbling, I didn't mean it!
As, Mummy say you can go off folks.
And, that sure includes 'wheelies' Bros!
Till next week.
OOOoo... whelps; the following week, I meant.
Bailey - luv you!
I'll sort him out; you, just wait & see!
Foxy love & wheelie wishes!
I maybe small, but I'm sure am feisty!

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