Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall near Stampedeville!

Where did our lovely blue skied Autumn UK days go?
Suddenly, it's overcast & grey...As, today's Canadian Thanks-Giving, and I DO miss my time there... I could be indulging in my cousin Headmistress's Roast Turkey, with all the trimmings & Pumkin Pie - ERR, now I feel I am really missing out, but the exile is self inflicted for personal reasons.
Anyway, I'm posting some of Little Buddy's CA photographs.
Now, retired from flying, he's taken up biking...And, river rafting; this is a friend of his preparing for a trip...These are his recent shots of the Bow River...I'm hoping, seeing his photo's here, will encourage him to take more!
Because I like receiving them; plus, I think he has a good eye.
This one has down town Stampedeville, Alberta in the distance...I've no idea why my posted images don't enlarger, when clicked on. Advice would be welcome.

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