Sunday, October 12, 2008

Camera Critters Sunday - PC Caesar!

Whilst visiting the regular Thursday Antiques market this week, I found one of Dreamingspires police horses was on duty there.
Met Caesar...
I've seen & admired him before, out on day to day street patrol.
He signed up for duty with the Thames Valley force in 2006.
Caesar, a magnificent dark bay gelding, stands 18 hands tall @ present, but apparently is still growing!
Quite the gentle giant; he tickled my fingers when I went to stroke him; however, I imagine he & his rider would be a force to be reckoned with, under different circumstances.
A regular duty is to marshal the local football club's matches to prevent clashes between the rival supporters.
On one such occasion, not Caesar but another horse was repeatedly stubbed with lighted cigarette butts & worse has happened.
They are such brave animals, heroes!
In my view, the city is fortunate to have a Mounted Constabulary.
To me it's a real pleasure & privilege to see them, though others complain about the manure bundles they leave behind!

Camera Critters host is Misty Dawn.
To access more animal shots, check out the blog HERE!

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