Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bigger, better, bolder, brighter - maybe!

Yesterday, I remarked @ the end of my post, 'Fall near Stampedeville'; that I didn't understand why my photo's didn't enlarge, when 'clicked' upon, as other bloggers did.
NOT, that I think, all my photograghs are worthy of that CLOSER inspection; but, as I'd earlier in the day, emailed friend Dragonstar, a copy of my 'Todays Flower's' reflection photo, because of this fault [she wanted a more detailed peak] it made me think about the problem.
Anyway, 'Odd Shot' host Katney, thoughtfully suggested via a 'Comment', that I didn't compress my photo's for the Web; i.e. download them as medium image size onto Blogger; as when she does this, they too won't enlarge; but if left @ full resolution [Large] to load, they will.
So, I've experimented & it works on my test blog!
I'm amazed & delighted.
Thank-you, Katney, for the welcome advice.
I promise not to over use this facility; besides which, I'm already @ 90% photo capacity, in just eight months on this blog [dare I ask, what this means???]
But, today I can't help myself; have to post pictures from my Autumn album to see how they look...Err!
It didn't work on this blog - back to the drawing board!
The answer, it seems is also related to posting location!
I always choose to centralise my photo's on my blog.
Is that a 'No, No' re Blogger imaging.
The learning process goes on & on...
Vanity speaking here...
I'm quite impressed, seeing my photographs this large!
I may just, have to take back my words about not using this format regularly!

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